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Discover the Perfect Booth for Your Brand

Welcome to Moose Exhibits, where trade show success lies within reach. Explore our booth size, type and space options before letting us create a stunning exhibit that captures the essence of your brand. Get in touch today so we can begin creating something incredible together; together, we will unleash all of your brand’s potential and craft an unforgettable trade show experience. Unlock its full potential by exploring Moose Exhibits’ magic; together let’s make an indelible mark upon the hearts and minds of your audience!

  • Unveiling The Art Of Booth Types

Enter a realm of infinite possibilities as we present an impressive variety of booth types to bring life to your brand. Our artisans create magic with modular booths, providing seamless adaptability and transformation.

  • Crafting Spaces that Spark Creativity

Behold a space where untapped potential waits in wait. Let our masterful designers navigate you through a labyrinth of possibilities, unveiling hidden alcoves and paths. Step inside a meticulously crafted environment designed to fulfill all your dreams: your products shall dance, interactive experiences will captivate visitors and customers will revel in its embrace.

  • Unleash the Power of Size

Trade show booth size can have a profound effect on the fate of your brand’s story. By finding a booth that encompasses your vision – be it intimate gatherings or grandiose performances – find one that truly fulfills it!

PopUp Booth

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Pop Up Booth Won’t Let Down Trade show floors to corporate events, our PopUp Booths shine like beacons of creativity showcasing your brand with style. Elevate your presence at events while making a lasting statement!

Table Top Booth

A room with several different types of booths.

Table Top Booths’ compact and portable designs make them easy to transport your brand to any event, providing maximum portability for you to make a statement that transcends size. Claw your space, lead conversations, and leave an impactful lasting impression at every event with these versatile booths!

ZipUp Booth

A group of people standing around an orange floor.

Created to accommodate those seeking convenience and versatility, ZipUp Booths seamlessly adapt to meet the ever-evolving needs of their users, offering the possibility for creative expression through endlessly reconfiguring displays. Reimagine your booth at will and open a world of captivating displays!

Multipanel Booths

A yellow booth with plants and lights on the side.

Unleash your creative expression through our Multipanel booths! Each panel gives you the power to immerse your audience in your world of creation, building connections while sparking the imagination.

How long does a PopUp Booth setup take?
Assembly of a PopUp Booth is straightforward and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on showcasing your brand and engaging attendees quickly and seamlessly. Its innovative design enables it to be put together within minutes for ease of use and allows for seamless setup at events of any scale.

Can a Table Top Booth be customized to reflect my brand’s aesthetics?
Absolutely! Our Table Top Booths can be fully tailored to reflect the essence of your brand through personalized graphics and branding elements as well as tailored layouts – we ensure it captures its unique identity for an impressive first impression!

Are ZipUp Booths easy to transport and store?
Yes, the design of ZipUp Booths makes transportation and storage simple and lightweight; with convenient zip-up features that enable easy packing for transport or protection at events. They’re ready for deployment at your next event when they reach you!

Can I expand the size of my Multipanel booth for larger trade shows?
Absolutely! Multipanel booths are highly adaptable and can easily adapt to larger trade show spaces. Our expert team can assist in seamlessly incorporating additional panels and designing a booth that satisfies all your evolving needs.

Are there accessories available for these booth types?
Yes! We provide an assortment of accessories designed to improve both functionality and aesthetics in your booth. From lighting options and interactive displays, shelving units, seating arrangements and much more; our comprehensive selection will take your booth to new heights.