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Turnkey Solutions, It’s what we do.
A blue and white logo with the word celebrating in it.

Moose Exhibits. A cool little company with the funny, unique and intriguing name.

Most outsiders may think one needs to be a little crazy to stay in this industry and make it a career! It’s true…Deadlines, stress, and the diligence it takes to design and develop your booth the right way, in order to be show ready every time, is a part of every project! After all, you are allowing us to manage the crown jewel of your trade show program.

Moose Exhibits was founded in 2003 by Marc & Lydia Mousseau

Both Marc and Lydia are hands-on with the day-to-day operations of the company.

While Marc focuses is on the structural elements and structural integrity, Lydia polishes with the visual look, feel and finishing touches.

Marc is a journeyman in this industry. Marc started in the trade show industry many years ago as an audio visual guy back in the days of big, heavy TV’s and lots of cords! Working through the ranks of a major exhibit house, he spent a lot of time on-site in the US and European markets- supervising teams on installation and dismantle for clients. It was only a matter of time, while managing exhibit services, he saw a need, and developed a successful in house Freight & Logistics program. Overseeing the development of this program to create continuity between the service offerings to establish turnkey rentals and services that led to many happy and grateful clients and marketing managers working to take their companies to shows!

Lydia runs the creative side of Moose Exhibits. Coming from a graphics and design back ground, the bulk of her professional career and a focus in her spare time, has enjoyed helping clients lay out their interiors using the psychology of design. Lydia understands that aesthetically pleasing and well-functioning booth interiors, create an environment that helps tell a story, make a statement and guide clients and customers successfully through their experience with your company!

From these roots, Moose Exhibits was born, and with skilled teams of great people working with them, grew into a full service, turnkey exhibit house. Our mission is to establish a long-term professional relationship with our clients, make sure exhibits are designed well, built efficiently and effectively while meeting those important deadline.

As they say, The Show Must Go On!

So in the end what do we do? Why are we different? Because for us, this is not a job, it’s a passion, it’s a challenge, It’s part of our DNA


Some of our happy clients.

As stated, each company will continue to operate independently, maintaining control over its original client base, thus assuring the same familiarity administratively, while bringing greater benefits in fabrication and delivery.

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