Use these frequently asked questions as a guide to open a dialog with your sales and marketing departments when planning the design, purchase and construction of trade show exhibits:


What do we intend to display in our trade show booths?

What does this budget cover? Rental? Purchase? Graphics? Transportation? Installation, dismantle, onsite services?

Who is our target market?

What are our goals at trade shows?

What are the most important ideas we would like to convey with our trade show displays?

How many items will be showcased in our trade show exhibits? Do we want attendees to handle these items, or do they need to be secure?

Will we require a conference room?

What have we liked about our previous trade show displays?

What did we NOT like about our previous trade show displays?

Is there anything we need to avoid with our new trade show exhibits (colors, shapes, etc.)?

Is there anything else we need to make our trade show booths supplier aware of when planning our trade show displays design?