Onsite Supervision

Onsite Tradeshow Supervision

Moose Exhibits’ onsite trade show supervision team runs the installation and dismantle of your exhibit like a well-orchestrated event, resulting in project efficiency, cost savings, and peace of mind! As players and coaches, they become part of the team, roll-up their sleeves and jump right in.

Prepared long before they arrive at the venue, they are organized and familiar with the task at hand. When present for the dismantle, the supervisor oversees the re-packing of the display reducing the need for inbound inspections after the event.

While all Moose Exhibits on-site supervisors are capable of installing any display, we try to assign supervisors to each display in order to offer more to the project than just on-site knowledge.  In many cases, our supervisors get to know the clients and the overall needs of the projects allowing them to be pro-active and able to provide constructive input when called upon or when they feel it is necessary.

Tradeshow Install & Dismantle

Anyone that has spent any time on the show floor knows that the quality of the Installation & Dismantle team is absolutely critical.  A good team is efficient, professional and will take the lead when it comes to troubleshooting. A good team also is as careful on the dismantle as they are on the install.

A bad team is a nightmare and you’re thankful you are not allowed to travel with a gun. You wish you had a voodoo doll shaped like the guy who broke your counter. You know exactly what we are talking about!

Because the project management team at Moose has many years of experience in the field, we have developed relationships with I&D providers in all major venues.

Because we often travel with our clients’ displays, we have also had a chance to work with many of the lead men and labor provided on the show floor. When possible, we will handpick our team to meet our clients’ specific installation/dismantle needs