Custom Shipping Crates

What makes our wood custom shipping crates different? Moose Logistics custom shipping crates are made to order, professionally constructed and engineered to stand up to the toughest environment on earth for a crate … the trade show floor!  However, that’s not the only thing that makes our custom reusable crates different!  All of the following features separate Moose Logistics’ high-quality custom shipping crates from standard shipping crates.

Moose Logistics uses:

  • Only top quality materials are used to construct our custom shipping crates; spruce instead of pine makes for a better quality crate
  • Internal hinges, instead of gussets, save space, strengthen joints and improve the look of our custom shipping crates
  • Glue AND screws are used on all joints to increase the durability of our custom shipping crates

Unique Crate Features

Moose Exhibits can custom design any size wood crate you need to ship your trade show displays, electronic equipment, medical equipment, or other material or equipment that requires careful handling.  Our lightweight and reusable crates are designed specifically to protect your valuable shipments.

In addition to being designed and built for many years of use, our custom shipping crates are also produced to simplify the job of setting up and dismantling your trade show booth, products or equipment that you ship.

  • Front loading with the hinged door folding down and attached to prevent damage and warping
  • The craftsmanship that creates more durable corners to prevent damage to the crate and its contents
  • Reinforced aluminum corners, when requested, to further protect the crate contents
  • Felt or carpet lining in the crates to protect the contents from rubbing against wood

Custom Reusable Crates

Moose Logistics manufactures custom reusable crates for commercial, industrial, or residential customers who need crates that fit any of the following descriptions:


  • Commercial crates
  • Custom crates
  • Estate liquidation crates
  • Export crating
  • Family heirloom crates
  • Fine art crates
  • Foam-in-place Instapak® crates
  • Foil bags
  • Freight containers
  • Heavy-duty crates


cLightweight and transportable crates


Moving crates


Onsite crates


Portable wood crates


Production run crates


Re-sealable and lockable crates


Reusable crates


Rolling crates


Rolling wood crates


Single shipment crates


Industrial crates


Soft and cushioned interior crates


Storage crates


Strong and durable exterior crates


Wood containers


Wooden crates


Wooden freight containers


Wooden shipping containers


Wooden storage crates

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Make Moose a valued partner in your trade show logistics! Protect your investment with our reliable custom crate solutions and reduce your labor costs with easy setup and breakdown.

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All we can say is glued and screwed. A well-built exhibit crate does not require beefy lumber, it requires a craftsman who knows how to build a reusable exhibit crate that will stand up to one of the toughest environments on earth … the trade show floor! And we know how to do that!

Our crates are well made and rarely experience failure due to thoughtfully engineered construction. If it does, send it back and we’ll fix it. Since we’ve never had to do this, we can’t promise that look on our face will not be that of total surprise when we learn that a crate MIGHT have failed!

Yeah, they are that good. Overbuilt and under-priced if you ask Lou, but he says that about everything!

An experienced craftsman knows that the choice of materials is just as important as the skills necessary to construct a solid crate. Our fabricators have years of experience building crates to stand-up to one of the most difficult environments a crate can experience…the trade show floor!

Using quality materials and superb craftsmanship, Moose Exhibits offers custom shipping crates for just about any application.